Sunday, 22 January 2012

Take that time!

The past few weeks I have been doing some more intensive revision for my January exams. I did make sure that I started little bits much earlier on so that I was not snowed under now, however I still feel guilty every moment when I am not revising for not revising. Yet the only time during the day when this guilt vanishes is lunchtime (of course provided I have already done my scheduled amount of revision up till that point). Unlike some of friends who I know rush their lunch straight down to get right on with their work I don't mind enjoying my meal and luxuriating in the guilt-free bliss. Perhaps it is my hobbit-y nature coming through which tells me to value each meal I eat but  "If more of us valued food and cheer and song above hoarded gold [as the hobbits do], it would be a merrier world." and I am sure we would also have more productive afternoon revision sessions.

Alas! When the clock doth strike 1 so begins the afternoon session of revision. Of course revision is not all misery at all, in fact there is a bizarre fun in ticking off each little topic you do. If you are like me a checklist is a must. Still, I will not lie a few extra minutes for lunch on any day would be nice... especially when the clock agrees with you that lunch is not over. 

Enter the lunchtime clock. (cheers)

It speeds up every day at 11am and slows down 20% every day 12 minutes before noon. Who wouldn't want an extra 12 minutes for lunch? This is an hour a week and 52 hours a year. Boom. Take that time. Of course there is the drawback that there are other time devices other than this clock which would tell you otherwise but view the video below to see this lunch extender in action.

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