Friday, 13 January 2012

Begin at the beginning

Hello and welcome to my slice of the internet.
Above is an image of a slice of cake if you were in anyway unsure of what one looked like. This blog however is not a slice of cake, rather a 'slice of the internet', so if you were also uncertain what this would look like, read on.
My name is Clarissa Dale and this is my first post on my SHINY NEW blog Lily & Tamsin. I am a college student about to enter the ‘real world’ so I started this blog in order to gather my thoughts and record my experiences both fun and hilariously regrettable as I make the important steps before my future.
The motto of Lily & Tamsin. will be to focus on the positive side of life and perhaps provide the odd tip to brighten your day. I find it incredibly exciting to be able to type, post and share, and even more exciting to think that someone might read and perhaps even be interested in my musings. If you are one such person THANK YOU and make sure you leave a comment, I will comment you back. Any help whilst I make my way through the blogosphere would be much appreciated. Here is a photo of me with a cup of finest english breakfast; the perfect accompaniment to a session of blogging. I assure you beneath the cup there is a smile.

Serial tea drinker

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